Club History

Wasabi Paddling Club was founded in 1993.  It is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the participation in, and promotion of, the national and international amateur sports of Dragon Boat and Outrigger Canoe racing. Our club has remained true to its goal of developing strong, competitive teams through mentoring and top-level coaching.  Our coaches are recognized both at the local and at the national level as some of the best in the world.  As a member of the Portland Boathouse, Wasabi is a part of the new effort to provide a long-term location for non-motorized watersport in the Portland area.  Our members are active community members spearheading fundraisers and contributing time to various community efforts.


Board of Directors

  1. Nigel Arkell (GMM, TideRunners) nominated 2017
  2. Cindy Hickman (Wasabi W's) re-elected to 2nd term 2016
  3. Lisa Hillhouse (Wasabi W's) nominated 2017
  4. Elva Kopacz (SOAR) re-elected to 2nd term 2016
  5. Lori Laws ( Wasabi W's) nominated 2016
  6. Colleen Madigan (Fury, GMM) nominated 2016
  7. Cary Morris (Fury) nominated 2017
  8. Eloise Steere (team Kraken) - nominated 2016
  9. (vacant position) 2017
  • Larry LaMarsh, Board Member Emeritus (non-voting)

Club Officers

Club President - Kaspar Murer (GMM) appointed 2017
Club Vice-President - Colleen Madigan (Fury, GMM) appointed 2016
Immediate Past President - Alan Mitchell (GMM, OC)

Club Secretary - Laura Freeman (SOAR) appointed 2016
Club Treasurer - Gretchen Brown (SOAR)
Assistant Treasurer - Joanna Haney (GMM) appointed 2016

Safety Officer - Larry LaMarsh (GMM, Tide Runners)
Dragon Boat Coach Coordinator - Cindy Hickman (Wasabi W's)
Outrigger Canoe Coach Coordinator - Kate Kaufmann (Wasabi W's, OC)
Manager Coordinator - Lisa Hillhouse (Wasabi W's)


Committee Chairs

Community Outreach – (vacant)

Maintenance Co-Chairs - Lori Laws (Wasabi W's), and Nigel Arkell (GMM, TideRunners)

Recruitment – Ingrid Olson (GMM)

Regatta Sport Uniform Jerseys - Carolyn Stewart (Wasabi W's)

Wasabi Wear– Janet Aldana (Wasabi W's)

Social Media/Facebook - Heidi Hess (Wasabi W's)

Website Administrator - Laura Freeman (SOAR)

Boathouse Board Members - Chris Burkhart (GMM), Kaspar Murer (GMM)

GMM at night

Association Representatives

Chris Burkhart - Treasurer, Portland Boathouse

Connie Flesuras - First Vice President, USDBF

Heidi Hess - PDBA Board Nominee

Carol Hoekstra - Team USA Senior A Head Coach, USDBF

Alan Mitchell - USDBF, PDBA committee assistance

Kaspar Murer - Board of Directors Member, Portland Boathouse

       Kathy Skinner - Past President, PDBA; Current Board of Director Member, USDBA

Ben Trask - USDBF, PDBA commitee assistance


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