Small Boat, OC1 & OC2

Small Boat Season

OC-1 and -2's race during the winter, October-April, to mirror the winter series offered in Hawaii.  Paddlers can engage in the local winter series races, which are offered on the Willamette and Columbia Rivers, and in various locations in Washington.  Races are anywhere from 6-9 miles in length.  Small boat racing is an excellent way to improve your personal fitness and competitiveness, while enjoying a close community of paddling ohana.

PNWORCA 2021 Race Calendar
Van BC 2018

Sprint races are typically held over 500 – 2000 meters. Iron distance races typically are held between 9 –18 miles, while change-out races can be as long as 40 miles.

Loading and Hauling Wasabi Club Boats

Club Safety Policies, guidelines and considerations for proper  transport of our small boats

Small Boat, OC1/OC2: Weather Guidelines

Wasabi maintains small boats for use by club members after their completion of OC certification and huli testing.  Individuals using small boats are likely to be directly affected by adverse weather conditions including cold air and water temperatures, high wind, and high flow rates. Wasabi has general weather guidelines in place for OC6/12s and dragon boats. Small boat users must abide by those guidelines and additional guidelines listed for OC1/2 use.

Small Boat, OC1 & OC2 Reservation and Schedule Calendar

When making an OC1 or OC2 reservation, follow these guidelines:

  • You must be a Wasabi member and up-to-date with your huli certification to use any of the small boats without supervision by a Coach or specific Club coordinators.  
  • All COVID-19 protocols for the Ivon St property must be strictly followed.   
  • Two persons are required to carry all Wasabi outriggers to and from the dock
  • Pay attention to other scheduled events
    • You can overlap events, just be sure you are not scheduling use for more boats than we have available 
  • Event Title should include the type of boat you are taking, your name, and phone number
    • For example:
      • "1 OC1 (name, phone number)"
      • or "2 OC1s (contact name and phone number)
  • 2hrs is the max reservation time
    • That includes the time you need to set up the boat, on water, sanitize, and put the boat away
  • Be mindful of the rowers schedule and do not plan to be on the dock during the red time-slots (click the adjacent image to enlarge the complete Boathouse schedule)
    • Yellow times are also used by the rowers, just not as many.  Get in line with them and you can launch/return in order
    • The slots with "WAS" is Wasabi, blocked for scheduled group sessions


(click image to enlarge the schedule)

To reserve a Wasabi Club outrigger, click the cell for day and time directly on our online calendar. 

Please include your name and phone number