Specialty Team Registration


TideRunners at Nehalem Bay

$200 made as a single payment or $225 made as equal monthly installment payments

  • Paddlers who wish to participate with the Portland teams/crews must register with a Full Club access option
  • Due to the weather at the Coast, the season typically starts around March and continues through September
  • Dues paid as monthly installments ae based upon $225 divide by the number of months remaining in the calendar year
  • Credit/debit card required for auto-deduct installment¬† payment.¬† Deductions occur on the 1st of each month

$30 new Member join fee applies to new registrants - annual dues are prorated based upon join month for new members

Visa/MasterCard payments carry a 2.99% + $0.99 service fee, Charge-back amount fees are $15.00. These fees will be reflected as an additional charge on your summary statement