PADDLING MORATORIUM - November 8th Update

COVID-19 infection is on the rise in Oregon.  Wasabi’s paddling moratorium for dragon boats and OC6's remain in effect until further notice.  Our Club small boats, OC1/OC2's are available for Wasabi members with current huli tests and the successful completion of the OC1/OC2 certification course.  Users must be on the small boat TeamSNAP roster, and follow Wasabi’s Small Boat Safety and Weather Guidelines.

At our November 8th meeting, the Wasabi Board clarified the use of OC2s for all Club members, those in Multnomah County (currently in Phase 1), and for the TideRunners in Tillamook County (currently in Phase 2). The Board determined the use of OC2 is limited to household members, defined as people living under the same roof and/or people sharing intimate contact. 

Masks are required by both paddlers while out on the Club OC2s.

During this period of Club activity moratorium, there is NO access to the temporary boathouses (OMSI Building C, the Portland Boathouse or the Bruun Building) Club dragon boats or OC6's.  Exceptions exist for teams in charge of boat bailing and for the use of our Club OC1/OC2’s.  Boat bailers are allowed to retrieve supplies from OMSI Building C.  They will practice enhanced safety precautions, including wearing gloves and the wearing of personal PFDs.  Everyone must follow 6’ social distancing requirements.  Members accessing the Club OC1/OC2’s at Ivon St, must follow all enhanced safety precautions for sanitizing the OC’s and follow State guidelines for occupancy at the site.

The United States Dragon Boat Federation has posted an independent outline for eventual return to dragon boating

Dragonboat COVID-19 ReEntry Outline

On July 5th, the Pacific Dragon Boat Association posted:  The PDBA continues to monitor the science and the national recommendations for safety regarding COVID-19. We note that some parts of the region are beginning to return to more social activities, while other areas are in conditions that demand a more conservative approach. As things move forward, dragon boat athletes are naturally asking questions about the return to sport. While the PDBA cannot make blanket recommendations in such a variable environment, we do observe and advise the following:

        1. Physical Distancing - The CDC advises a minimum distance of 6 feet between individuals. Unfortunately, observing this distance in our sport results in numbers too small to safely crew a dragon boat. The hard reality, while physical distancing is advised, is that we must seek our water time in single-person crafts, such as OC, SUP, or kayak.
        2. Masking – Note that the CDC recommends the wearing of masks. Wear a mask when you cannot maintain physical distancing and consider the difficulty of keeping a mask on during active water practice with your teammates.
        3. Follow Local Health and Safety Recommendations – Look to your local government health officials for the latest advice specific to your locality. Do not rely on what you see happening outside your community to determine your return to the sport. Also follow the safety regulations of your local dragon boat organization.
        4. We are fortunate in most of this region to have access to open water for most of the year, if not all of it. Remember that East Coast, Midwest, and Canadian teams often cannot hit the water until April or May, yet they perform well at high levels of competition. This is due to the work they put in on land during the off-season, and you might consider your efforts there as you wait for the return of paddling.

Remember that, much as we love our sport, ours is a non-essential leisure activity, and keep in mind your local guidelines and local risk factors as you consider resuming activities.

The Pacific Northwest Outrigger Racing Canoe Association has additional COVID-19 information listed for their clubs: 

 PNWORCA Recommendations

Our Wasabi Safety Officers and the Board will continue to monitor Federal, State, and local guidelines for changes in restrictions or conditions and adhere to those recommendations.  Our Safety Officers will provide updates during the phased re-opening. We are eager to be back on the water as soon as possible!

Any questions can be directed to Wasabi Safety Officers: Jay Marshall ( and KJ Jackson (

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Wasabi Paddling Club

Wasabi Paddling Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the participation in, and promotion of, the National and International amateur sports of Dragon Boat and Outrigger Canoe racing. Our Charter includes assisting novice through experienced paddlers in our community. The Club goal is to develop strong, competitive teams through sponsoring and coaching.

Club Mission Statement

We have a team for you!

The Wasabi Paddling Club is Portland's largest dragon boat and outrigger canoe Club. Founded in 1993, it now has over 300 active members.

We own 10-person and 20-person dragon boats, 6-person outrigger canoes, and our small boat OC1 and OC2’s.  Our facility is located under the Marquam Bridge (near OMSI) on the east bank of the Willamette River.

Our paddlers come from all ages and stages of life. Our teams are comprised of all abilities and physical fitness levels.  There is a team for everyone, from the novice paddler who is just learning the basics, to the most competitive athlete who races at international venues around the world.

Wasabi teams range from recreational to competitive, including specialized teams like our High School team, Kraken.  We also have our Wasabi Special Dragons, our Visually Impaired Paddlers (Team VIP), and Wasabi Team SOAR, our women's cancer survivor and supporter team.  At Nehalem Bay, we have our dragon boat team, the Tide Runners.

We are an inclusive Club welcoming all paddlers.  Regardless of your age, experience, or gender identity, we all have one thing in common, we find great joy in being on the water with one another.

Wasabi Club Affiliations

International Dragon Boat Federation

International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF)

Pacific Dragon Boat Association, USA

Pacific Dragon Boat Association (PDBA)

Pacific Northwest, Outrigger Canoe Association

Pacific Northwest Outrigger Racing Association (PNWORCA)

United States Dragon Boat Federation

United States Dragon Boat Federation (USDBF)

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