On and Off the Water

Portland, Oregon - Nehalem Bay, Oregon

since 1993

Wasabi Guests:

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Wasabi Paddling Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the participation in, and promotion of, the National and International amateur sports of Dragon Boat and Outrigger Canoe racing. Our Charter includes assisting novice through experienced paddlers in our community. The Club goal is to develop strong, competitive teams through sponsoring and coaching.

Wasabi Club Mission Statement

We have a Team for You!

The Wasabi Paddling Club is Portland's largest dragon boat and outrigger canoe Club.  Founded in 1993, it now has over 300 active members.

We own 10-person and 20-person dragon boats, 6-person outrigger canoes, and our small boat OC1 and OC2’s.  We paddle from the North Breakwater near the RiverPlace Marina on west side of the Willamette River in the heart of Portland.

Our paddlers come from all ages and stages of life. Our teams are comprised of all abilities and physical fitness levels.  There is a team for everyone, from the novice paddler who is just learning the basics, to the most competitive athlete who races at international venues around the world.

Wasabi teams range from recreational to competitive, including specialized teams like our High School team, Kraken.  We also have our Wasabi Special Dragons, our Visually Impaired Paddlers (Team VIP), and Wasabi Team SOAR, our women's cancer survivor and supporter team.  At Nehalem Bay, we have our dragon boat team, the Tide Runners.

We are an inclusive Club welcoming all paddlers.  Regardless of your age, experience, or gender identity, we all have one thing in common, we find great joy in being on the water with one another.

Club Affiliations

Dragon Boat

Outrigger Canoe

International Dragon Boat Federation

International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF)

United States Dragon Boat Federation

United States Dragon Boat Federation (USDBF)

Pacific Dragon Boat Association, USA

Pacific Dragon Boat Association (PDBA)

International Va'a Federation (IVF)

USA Outrigger Racing Canoe Association

Pacific Northwest, Outrigger Canoe Association

Pacific Northwest Outrigger Racing Association (PNWORCA)

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