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What kind of a paddling experience do you wish to have?  If you have an interest in a specific team - Mixed, Women's, VIP, Special Dragons, Cancer Survivor, competitive and recreational - Dragon Boat or Outrigger- we have it all.  Let us know your priorities and what you want to try!

Please give us your contact information (we will not share/sell this personal information) .  A Wasabi team member will contact you shortly to arrange a time for you to come paddle with us.

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Wasabi Paddling Club

PO Box 8217, Portland, OR  97207-8217

Wasabi Paddling Club Portland

In the summer of 2023, Wasabi Paddling Club  relocated its home from the eastside of the river near OMSI to the west side of the Willamette River.  Our fleet of dragon boats and six-person outriggers are conveniently located.  We paddle from the North Breakwater dock near Riverplace Marina in the heart of downtown.

On-street parking and centrally located garages are in close proximity.  For members of the Club, discounted hourly rates are available for garage parking.   Public restrooms are nearby.  The riverfront offers numerous opportunities nearby to meet and dine before or after practice.

Wasabi New Home

Nehalem Bay at the Oregon Coast

Our dock is located on H St. before it becomes 6th St. There is free parking. The restrooms are 3 blocks away. There are no showers available.

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Nehalem bay

Your Wasabi Paddle Experience

Now we get to the good stuff … getting YOU on the water. First off, whether for our Portland location or our Nehalem location, just enter your contact information below.  We’ll send you an email letting you know what time and days are available for you to show up.

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of practice. This is a water sport so come prepared, you may get wet. Bring your own water bottle and wear water-resistant clothing. We recommend lycra shorts or rain pants (in the winter) and a dry-wicking shirt. Don’t forget your sunglasses. We’ll get you set up with a PFD (“life vest”) and the proper paddle before we get you on the boat. Before heading out with the team, you will receive a brief lesson on how to hold the paddle and some of the commands you will hear from the caller and steersperson on the boat. We love to have new paddlers join us!

Your first experience will be exhilarating, gliding along on the river past the submarine at OMSI, up into the lagoon of Ross Island and back; you will be hooked! Whether in the early evening with the lights of downtown Portland reflecting off the river, or on a sunny weekend morning, the soothing sights and sounds of being on the water will overcome your senses. It is common to see deer, blue heron and bald eagles in the tops of the trees on Ross Island. You will be working at your own pace for the first time or two on the water. Paddling is an excellent and challenging total body workout. There is a powerful feeling of belonging and fun as the team paddles in rhythm together. The strength of the boat mixes vitality, camaraderie and friendship for an experience you will not forget.

Most teams practice two or three times a week. Teams have varying goals from recreational workouts to competitive athletics. You’ll be placed with a team that matches your goals. Most teams have a mix of new and experienced paddlers. The coaches are fantastic. You’ll find the club members have a supportive, affirmative and welcoming attitude. Your level of participation is self-determined. The amount of time spent on the water is up to you.

When you join Wasabi, you will be able to choose which team(s) you want to paddle with.  New paddlers may try 3 open practices before deciding to join the club.  After 3 sessions, new paddlers will need to pay annual membership to continue practicing.

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Wasabi 20 yrs