#1 Select any recent TeamSNAP profile

  • This example selects the '21 profile
  • Click Save & Continue>
Select a TeamSNAP Account

#2 Update your Participant Info

  • Do NOT click the large buttons X'd out in red this example (they are TeamSNAP functions we do not use and cannot be removed)
  • Click Save & Continue >
Participant Info

#3 Select the items you wish to purchase

  • Enter the total dollar amount for each entry; for example if you are ordering two 12" Mixed Wreath w/ Cones at $17 each, enter $34 for the total dollar amount
  • You may select multiple items for your order
  • Click Save & Continue>

#4 Choose your payment method

  • Toggle 'pay with card' or 'pay with bank'


pay with card
pay with bank